Links To The Present: May 28, 2010

May 28th, 2010 by Tom Pestak

“The Cavaliers’ coaching search will likely be long and have plenty of twists and turns especially with much nationwide scrutiny as it relates to the future of LeBron James. There will likely be plenty of information and even some misinformation, and retaining perspective on the process will have value for fans.” [Brian Windhorst on the Cavs Coach Search]

“I see Michael Jordan is not there, Scottie Pippen is not there … You know, these guys are not a part,” Wade told the Tribune. “Things like that. So that is probably one of the biggest things for me, because I am a very loyal person.” [The Loyal Dwyane Wade from Chris Broussard’s Article]

Short Story:  Was talking to my friend Wes today and he says “Dude, my fiancee is FROM California, and is a sports fan and she doesn’t even know what city the Clippers play in.”  With that in mind…[Clippers Fans Hold LeBron Parade]

Anyone reminded of Rajon Rondo’s two airballed floaters that lead to PJ Brown’s game 7 putsbacks?  “Airballs often create offensive rebounds. You see it all the time.” [Brian Windhorst’s Twitter]

Students from Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Institute of Art painted a billboard with a message to LeBron: You are “the heart of it all” in Ohio. Choose Loyalty. The billboard is located on the campus of Case Western Reserve University (Euclid Rd.) next to Thwing, the student union. It is most easily seen from Bellflower Rd. looking south, very close to the Severance Concert Hall. The hope is that this comes across to LeBron somehow, and he remembers the loyal fans in Cleveland when he makes his decision this summer. The artists encourage Clevelanders to make more noise about LeBron staying in Cleveland to stay competitive with NYC, Chicago, and everywhere else.

So LeBron enjoyed a concert in Cleveland.  I’d like to show off the chip on my shoulder and make some comment about how the coastal elites probably can’t even believe that concerts go on in Cleveland, or that LeBron would even attend a concert in Cleveland.  I’ll just post the link as proof that it happened.

LeBron to judge a dunk contest.