Kelvin Sampson, Mega-Summit, and other things

May 28th, 2010 by John Krolik

-So, Kelvin Sampson. Let me preface all of my thoughts on Sampson by saying that I don’t really watch college basketball. Ideologically, I’ve never really liked the whole “the NCAA makes billions of dollars on athletes whom they refuse to pay anywhere near their market value and cries ‘see no evil’ any time a player or coach acts at all like NCAA sports are a business” thing.  (I swear I thought this before I started attending USC.)

So anyways, the point is that I don’t care what Sampson did or didn’t do with his conference calls or whatever it was when he was at Indiana.  When he’s coaching the big boys, that stuff won’t matter in the slightest. On the other hand, I don’t really know his body of work as a head coach. I like that he’s been tutored by the Spurs and served as an assistant with the Bucks, both of whom have solid on-court systems. My gut reaction to Sampson is that the Cavs could do worse, but they could also do a lot better.

-In better news, William Wesley may be manipulating Tom Thibodeau’s decision! Seriously, I’m excited about this. I am a huge, huge, huge Thibodeau backer. Look at what he did/has done to the Cavs and Magic’s offensive game-plans. (Although the Magic do finally seem to be adjusting a bit.) For the past decade, he’s been the assistant coach on a team with a top-five defense. How many coaches, in any sport, have that kind of track record? The man is the Leo Mazzone of basketball.

I know his profile — defensive whiz, successful assistant on a championship team, et cetera — makes him seem like Mike Brown 2.0, but he’s been doing this a lot longer and a lot better than Brown had been when the Cavs hired him. LeBron + another big FA + a Thibodeau defense = scary.

-So, the LeBron/Wade/Joe Johnson mega-summit. Your thoughts? Personally, I think they were all probably arguing about which of them will get to play with Chris Bosh next season.

-Yes, part of me is a bit frustrated that Kobe is now 0-2 in game-winners in the playoffs and 2-2 in having his teammates bail him out. That said, this one wasn’t nearly as tough as the Thunder one to watch. First, it would have been a miracle comeback for the Suns. Second, the Lakers were going to win in overtime anyways. Third, Kobe played well enough to deserve that win. I am at peace. I’m not sure if that means I’m dead inside or not, is the thing.

-Derek Fisher is of the occult.

-Question for readers: would you prefer the Magic or Celtics to win this series? One of these days I’ll figure out how to make polls, but until then have at it in the comments.