Links To The Present: May 24, 2010

May 24th, 2010 by Tom Pestak

“Those problems plus, according to sources, some disagreement over some game plans for playoff games with some of the team leaders eventually led to some discord in the locker room during the Celtics series” [Brian Windhorst on The Firing of Mike Brown]

“Usually, teams want new coaches in place before the draft and the start of free agency. But with the circumstances, the team may not be able to make a decision until after James does. That might not be until July.” [Brian Windhorst on Possible Cavs Coaches]

“I think we’re all at fault — the players, everybody. You have to, at some point, accept some of the responsibility. We all have to do that. A coach only can take you so far. At some point you have to do it yourself and we didn’t do it. I think coach Brown will be fine. He’ll be coaching again, and I’m very sure he’ll have success.” [Z from Mary Schmitt Boyer’s Article]

“The defensive imprint he had made on the team was, however, similarly overstated, at least of late. A rash of regular-season injuries forced Brown to play a style of basketball in which he did not truly believe. Fitting it all back together on the fly in the playoffs was a task beyond Brown’s means, particularly since the game plan was so different with Shaquille O’Neal than without him.” [Bill Livingston on Mike Brown]

“As the Cavs begin their search, they can’t worry about what James wants in a coach — unless it’s a guy who has a reputation of clashing with most superstars. They need to find the best coach possible, because who knows what James will do.” [Terry Pluto on the Cavs Search for a new Coach]

“For the next five weeks or so, James is a Cav, and the team has the opportunity to try to keep it that way before other teams can officially communicate with James. That means Gilbert has a chance to execute a hire that will excite James and firm up his passion for playing in his hometown.  The Cavs owner, who was the driving force behind the firing of Brown, who had also lost the support of James and his teammates, has already shown that he will spend money on talent. And with that in mind, general manager Danny Ferry will attack the trade market like a corporate takeover specialist.” [Brian Windhorst Special to ESPN]

But money talks.  And Dan Gilbert – despite not exactly breaking the bank over the course of the last two seasons – is arguably one of the most willing spenders that the city of Cleveland has ever seen.  The fact that the Cavaliers could be devalued by over $100 million in the event of James leaving may make the money needed to sway either Jackson or Krzyzewksi be considered marginal at best. [Scott – WFNY]

“But Brown helped James elevate his game. Buying into Brown’s defense-first mantra, James was selected to the NBA’s all-defensive first team the past two seasons. Brown convinced James that a chase-down block was just as awe-inspiring as a monster slam. But many — including President Barack Obama — questioned how much James respected Brown. The coach was tuned out by the media because of his lack of meaty sound bites. Was that the case for the players, too?” [Marla Ridenour – ABJ]