Links To The Present: May 21, 2010

May 21st, 2010 by Tom Pestak

“And what does it say to a city, to a region whose glory has passed, if its brightest and only star were to decamp? Is it finally time to turn off the lights? If LeBron were to leave for New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, it would be entirely understandable. The legacy of Jordan has led us to this; the elite athlete as a global brand, the image of a multinational corporation. But if James stays, he will have essentially decided that hearth and home is more important than the calculus of hard currency. It will have been a genuine and personal choice. And maybe, in some small way, it will imply that the rust belt is not quite finished yet, as long as people with talent and ambition are willing to stay and rebuild it anew.” [Krai Charuwatsuntorn – ClipperBlog]

“All these rumors out there are absolutely untrue,” said Carter, the most powerful voice in James’ inner circle. “LeBron just wants to win. He doesn’t want to handpick his next coach.” [Maverick Carter from Chris Broussard’s Post]

There are about 2^4096 people I’d like to have the NBA investigate for Tampering regarding LeBron James.  Marc Cuban is NOT one of them..

“Truth is, politics and casinos aside, I think Dan Gilbert is the best owner this town has ever seen. He is passionate about the team, but willing to let his coaches, players and front office personnel do their jobs. He supplies financially for every need they might have. He isn’t afraid to spend money. When was the last time you thought that way about a Cleveland owner? If there is hope for the future of basketball in Cleveland (particularly in a post-LeBron setting) Dan Gilbert is a big reason for that hope.” [RICK@WFNY]