Notes and Errata: May 18th, 2010

May 17th, 2010 by John Krolik

-This much has become clear over the last three years: you can hang with, maybe even beat, the Kobe/Gasol Lakers if you focus on defense. Trying to outscore them has not gone well at all. The Celtics beat them, the Rockets took them to seven, and the Thunder gave them all they could handle. They’ve rolled through everyone else. That team has too many weapons for any team that tries to go at them guns blazing.

-The Celtics’ defense: it’s really good. And yes, part of me is happy that Orlando fans know how they made Cleveland fans feel last season. However, I like the Magic a lot more than I like the Celtics. I’m conflicted.

-So, explain to me how John Calipari is the guy to fix a talented team with a great player that keeps losing big games and can’t make free throws.

-Draft lottery tomorrow: important. If New Jersey/Brooklyn grabs that #1 pick, do the Cavs have any young players who can hold a candle to a potential Wall/LeBron/Lopez core?

-Beautiful piece on LeBron by Joey of Straight Bangin‘.

-So, when is Dwight Howard due for an MRI on his elbow?