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December 12th, 2013 by Nate Smith

Kyrie Irving appears to be on his way to an all-stardom, again. In fact, he’s on his way to starting.  Irving is currently second in all star votes among Eastern Conference guards, with 365,712 votes, trailing only Dwayne Wade.  Proving that the player who’s having the best season doesn’t always get the love, Uncle Drew leads John Wall by almost 140,000 votes. (It’s also a brutal year for Eastern Conference guards).

Ken Berger from CBS Sports writes about how the Lakers changed their players’ eating habits, and how the “paleo” diet helped Dwight Howard regain his “Superman” form. This is some fascinating stuff. Someone get this article to AB15’s chef, stat! (Note, the article does not specifically refer to the diet as “paleo,” but if it looks like a fish and acts like a fish…)

Speaking of food, Matthew Dellavedova has been writing for the Bendigo Advertiser. He reflects on Chris Paul, Jamaal Crawford, and Brazillian cuisine.

Andy Varejao took Sergey Karasev and I to a Brazilian restaurant. The other people were joking that we would get sick of it because he likes to go there so much. We thought they were joking about that. I think we have eaten there about three or four more times since then, but Sergey and I still aren’t sick of it, it’s great.

Brian Spaeth appears on the WFNY podcast.  After a eulogy to Paul Walker, he and Craig Lyndall reflect on… Who is number 9 for the Cavs? Is Kyrie Irving the next Steve Francis? Is Dion Waiters the next Vinnie Johnson? Is Tristan Thompson the reincarnation of John “Hot Rod” Williams? Who eliminated the center? The joys of quitting Twitter… The awesome power of Candy Crush…

Sergey Karasev, Carrick Felix, and Henry Sims were assigned to the Canton Charge last night, and helped the Charge to a win in overtime versus the Tulsa 66ers, 94-91.  Those players took a back seat to Kevin Jones, though.

Jones led Canton with 24 points, including 10-of-10 from the foul line, with nine rebounds in 43 minutes. In his first-ever NBA D-League game, Cavs assignee Sergey Karasev scored 16 points on 6-of-12 shooting with three rebounds in 30 minutes. Henry Sims added 12 points, nine rebounds, one block and one steal in 24 minutes… Carrick Felix added five points, five rebounds, and three assists in 19 minutes.

I’m hoping to catch them all, Friday or Saturday, against the Erie BayBawks. Friday is Zombie Night, and Saturday is Ugly Sweater Night. I plan on wearing a white sweater and a black dickey à la Cousin Eddie. Hope to see you there.