Links To The Present: May 11, 2010

May 11th, 2010 by Tom Pestak

‘The Cavs’ planned countermeasures are secret, for the moment. But there certain adjustments that may be able to slow Rondo down.”[Brian Windhorst]

“For example, they have been saying they need to come out with the sense of urgency and then play aggressively for 48 minutes. But they have only done that about 25 percent of the time. Therefore, it is difficult to predict how they will play in Game 5 based on what they say before games.” [Brian Windhorst’s Pre-Game Blog]

“If this season doesn’t end with them playing the Lakers or Suns in the finals, Brown figures to be in serious jeopardy. If they lose to Boston, everything else is, too.” [Bud Shaw on Mike Brown’s Future]

Spike Lee pulling for the Celtics, because *surprise* he thinks LeBron will leave Cleveland if the Celtics pull off the upset.

“As a result, Boston finds itself 6-3 in the postseason and with a real chance of stunning top-seeded Cleveland in the second round. To get to the conference finals, the Celtics willl need to ward off their pronounced regular-season fading pattern for at least two more games.” [John Hollinger on the Celtics as Front Runners]

‘But with his team threatened by the Celtics this time around, James’ averages have dipped from his regular-season averages, and his inconsistent effort has driven Cavs fans crazy. And no one is quite sure what to expect in Game 5 or Game 6, which is something seldom said before about the MVP. That’s especially troublesome for Cleveland, because his teammates almost always follow his lead.” [Brian Windhorst on LeBron]

Joe Tait to receive an award from the HoF

“In the games that we’ve won, our mindset has been to attack. In games we’ve lost, we’ve let them off the hook. Yesterday, I think they played four guys with at least four fouls in the fourth quarter and only one fouled out.” [Austin Carr on the Cavs intensity issues]