Links To The Present: May 6, 2010

May 6th, 2010 by Tom Pestak

“It felt good today,” said James, wearing a shorter black sleeve on the elbow than the longer, heavily padded one he has been wearing. “I was able to go through the whole practice and it didn’t flare up at all. That’s a good sign.” [LeBron James from Mary Schmitt Boyer’s Article]

Brian Windhorst’s Cavs Diary is excellent. I wish he compiled something like this after every game.  Who knows, maybe he has and he’s waiting to see if the Cavs win the Championship so he can turn it into a book.

Not surprisingly, “fans” are still arguing over LeBron’s Jump Stop.  I have decided that over 90% of people that complain about LeBron just don’t like him and want to be contrarian or whatever.  The guy was given 90 Million dollars as an 18 year old and has almost uniformly been a good teammate, a good role model, and a good representative of the NBA.  Despite that, he might be  the most “hated” player in the league.

There are two ways to look at Game 2:
1) Boston was sort of fortunate to win; they turned the ball over 17 times, Cleveland, the 2nd-best three-point shooting team in the NBA, missed 17 of 21 three-pointers, and the C’s hit 9-of-19 from deep. You can’t reasonably expect that kind of three-point disparity again;
2) Boston turned the ball over 17 times and still won by 18 points on the road. And, sure, they were hot from three-point range and Cleveland was cold, but what are the chances Cleveland attempts 20 more foul shots than the C’s once the series moves to the Garden? [Zach Lowe – CelticsHub]

“One time, a guy had a wide-open layup,” the Cavaliers’ Jamario Moon said. “It was just him. I don’t even think LeBron could have gotten to it and blocked it. He was dribbling down the right wing and saw LeBron coming and he dribbled all the way through the baseline and brought it back up. That’s scary. If you can’t dunk it, I guess you might as well pull it out. Because when he does that, he can demoralize a team. It’s never just a little tap block; he tries to put the ball through the backboard.” [Jonathan Abrams – NYT]

“I have no idea what LeBron is going to do,” Rodriguez said. “There’s one thing clear… He’s on a championship-type team, where he has played the Finals, conference finals… I don’t know if he’s going to New York. I’d love for him to sign there because it’s on the Knicks’ best interests, but it’s going to be difficult because he’s on a championship team that has been totally built around him. And besides, he’s from Cleveland.” [Jorge Sierra – HoopsHype]

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Austin Carr must have found somebody else’s ballot laying around and filled it out. RT @WayneEmbrysKids Mo Williams got an All-NBA vote! [Dan Labbe]

@noamschiller Yes. Cavs dealt with Rose, have to figure out how to deal with Rondo, and when they’re done with him, Jameer! Yay! [OutsidetheNBA]