Links To The Present: May 5, 2010

May 5th, 2010 by Tom Pestak

Brian Windhorst’s Weekly Podcast

“Here is all that Cleveland has to do to put itself back in the driver’s seat to the Eastern Conference Finals: win one of the next two games in Boston. That’s it. Either Friday or Sunday. Lose both those games, and extreme panic will be entirely appropriate. Considering everything above however, this series should be OK for the Cleveland Cavaliers very soon.” [Jacob Rosen]

I tweeted during game 2 that everything LeBron does looks like a travel because he covers so much ground.  I received a few responses basically saying “yeah, but, that was a travel.”  I wasn’t sure at the time, it did LOOK like a travel on TV, or maybe it was just Nate Robinson flipping out in the background that sold me.  Whatever the case, there are probably more people out there posting comments that LeBron takes 4 steps on every play than there are people that recognize that he actually almost never gets away with traveling.  Fortunately, someone slowed it down to prove that, yes, it was a completely valid jump-stop.  #vindication

“James has no outside game because of his strained and bruised right elbow. Who even knew there was an olecranon bone to bruise until recently? Now we are all convinced the olecranon bone is connected to the King bone.” [Bill Livingston on LeBron]

“Just think, we’re still almost two months away from LeBron actually declaring and already the wooing has begun. We can only guess what will happen once summer actually gets here.” [ESPN]

So Danny Ainge Threw a Towel – Isn’t that Sort of Beneath a GM?

“No big man in basketball is better at switching out onto smaller players, and Varejao combines that skill with toughness in the post and solid work on the boards” [John Hollinger]

From Windhorst’s Twitter: Varejao, James, Perkins, and Garnett are all suffering some kind of injury.

Rumors that LeBron’s elbow is worse than advertised.

Tweets To The Present (follow me @tompestak)

“…when they [Cavs] stumble and have a loss, it’s heartfelt by me. And I’m not even on the team.” -Damon Jones (Shot Anniversary Today) [WayneEmbrysKids]

“Random note: the NBA’s top 13 in lowest opponent 3-point percentage all made the playoffs this year.” [Tom Haberstroh]