Links to the Present: pick-me-up edition

November 14th, 2013 by Nate Smith

I’m sure we’re all feeling a little apoplectic after last night’s shellacking. Here’s some drops to make you feel better. Up top we have Parma native Donny Newman, with “In Cleveland,” A Chinese language rap video praising the metropolis of the Western Reserve. It’s an infectious ode.

Next, we have this scintillating news from Alex Kennedy: The Kings and Cavs are both working the phones, looking for trades, today, after less than promising starts (and not necessarily with each other). So chew on that, while you enjoy the best of Cleveland and superior Mandarin flow.  Because — hey — it’s just basketball.

— Update —

Now that you’re smiling, it’s my sad duty to present this: the clip of what is assuredly the low point of Anthony Bennett’s career so far. Make sure you check out the .gif at the top of the comments section for a shot of what redemption looks like.