Notes and Errata: May 5th, 2010

May 5th, 2010 by John Krolik

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-Got in late tonight because I was at Staples working the Laker game. While there, I had (roughly) the following conversation with a good friend who covers the Lakers:

Krolik: I can’t believe Pau got that tip-in after Kobe missed a playoff game-winner. All year long I’ve been hearing about how he doesn’t miss those, and when he does miss in the playoffs it gets tipped in.

Friend: Yeah, but he’s hit those his whole career.

-LeBron’s hit those too; you just don’t remember them because he got a layup or drew a foul a lot of those times. Not as dramatic.

-I feel like sometimes LeBron goes for that contact and doesn’t get it. Kobe at least always gets a shot up.

-(vague talk about game theory)

-The thing is, LeBron’s never proven he can hit those in big situations.

-What about game 2 in Orlando?

-Yeah, there was that.

-Or the end of game five in Detroit? See, you don’t remember it because it was a layup.

-I mean, Kobe had the one against Phoenix.

-That was a heck of a shot. LeBron had two game-winners in his first playoff series ever. (Krolik ends point before traveling gets brought up)

We both could have gone to our laptops and done research (both players, especially Kobe, have a great highlight reel of key playoff shots — not taking away from that) but he skipped straight to the crux:

-Okay, Krolik, gun to your head, who do you want taking that shot?

-Honestly? LeBron. Actually, reverse that. I’m not saying Kobe’s more likely to make the shot, but if LeBron misses everyone will talk about how I died because of how much of an idiot I was. If I die, I want everyone knowing that I perished for their wrongheadedness. If I go down, I want to take other people’s peace of mind with me. I won’t be able to argue probabilities once I’m dead. Plus, if LeBron makes the shot, everyone will say that the guy with the gun wouldn’t have taken my wallet if I picked Kobe.

-Man, Orlando looks good. I remember when the Cavs played defense nearly that well. That being said, remember what the talk was after the first two rounds of the playoffs last year.

-Yes, I have given thought to the fact Cleveland can’t defend points and will have to face the three best point guards in the conference if they want to get to the finals.

-Me and Jeff Clark feel more the same than different with regards to LeBron’s elbow. Although the “gate” suffix implies a scandal of some kind. I would try to give the elbow affair a better name, but it’s 3:35 in the morning and only I like my names for things anyways.

-The Jazz have no chance against the Lakers. LA shot 8-31 from outside the paint tonight and still won easily with the Jazz taking the ball to the basket every time.

-The good news is that the Celtics had a worse home record than road record this season. This series is far from over.

Alright guys, it’s late and I’m tired. Until tomorrow, everyone.