Notes and Errata: May 3rd, 2010

May 3rd, 2010 by John Krolik


-Rajon Rondo terrifies me very much. I remain afraid of Rajon Rondo. To read an essay I wrote about Rondo last season, click this link.

-Reading the CelticsBlog post-game thread, a significant portion of Celtics fans are blaming the refs. To the Boston fan community credit, they seem to be in the minority; most fans are blaming the Celtics going to Pierce late the game and Rasheed for the loss.

-LeBron’s second consecutive MVP award is official. He was seven ballots away from a unanimous vote. Two voters put him third. It is what it is. I would love to see the argument for putting Durant over LeBron, and would especially love to show the Dwight voters some of his box scores from games this year. Alas. Stephen Jackson getting a fifth-place vote was the comedy highlight of the ballot for me.

-I told you Kobe would bounce back. C.J. Miles and Wesley Matthews won’t challenge him like Sefolosha, Durant, and Green did.

-I still can’t believe Pau tipped that shot in to close out the Thunder. The Lakers find ways to win. It’s what they do. At some point, you have to stop calling it luck.

Mike Brown laughing.

-So, who doesn’t think that Boston would beat Atlanta in a seven-game series right now?

-Finally got around to watching the first episode of NBA wives. Is it bad to admit that I’m kind of on team Royce? Also, I love the players’ ex-wives ripping on Matt Barnes’ fiance for thinking her marriage is going to work out. Poor everybody on that show.

-Alright, that’s all for tonight. Get excited for tomorrow’s game.