Notes and Errata: April 29th, 2010

April 29th, 2010 by John Krolik

-For everyone who thinks Mike Brown has held LeBron back: would you rather the Cavs play like the Nuggets? They don’t have their coach, and they still might win this series against Utah. But even when Karl’s been on the bench, that team clearly hasn’t played up to their talent level. Maybe they’re “fun to watch” for some folks. Me personally, it hurts to see a team with that many good players go out in the playoffs year after year because they don’t play defense or execute like they should on offense.

-When the Lakers are on, they’re scary good. They’re the Western team I wouldn’t want to see in the finals, in spite of everything. The only reason I’d want the Lakers to play the Cavs in the finals is because my “NBA Finals 2010: this time, Cleveland’s going to set the Lake on fire” t-shirt idea might take off.

-Really, Atlanta? You can’t take care of the Bucks at home? If the Hawks can’t win their next two games, the East is going to look a lot different next season.

-From reader Joshua re: LeBron’s elbow — “I had a similar condition, nothing structually wrong but I felt pain in my elbow. Acupuncture cleared it right up and it hasn’t bothered me since. If there is anyway you could relay this to the Cavs medical staff, millions of Witnesses would be in your debt.” This is the best I can do, Joshua.

-I don’t have much tonight, so I want to direct credit to those who deserve it. First of all, I just want to say how thrilled I am that Eddy Rivera of Magic Basketball is now on the TrueHoop network. Him and Ben Q. Rock have had one of the best team blogs out there for a while. It became clear a while ago that Eddy was more than good enough to have his own blog; him and Ben on one blog was just unfair.

Now Eddy has his own site, but he’s no less excellent. As much as I’m scared of the Magic, I’m glad that the Cavs’ biggest conference rival has such excellent coverage. Orlando Pinstriped Post was a daily read for me because of the consistent quality; now Magic Basketball is as well. Welcome aboard, Eddy. If the Cavs have to lose to any team, I’m glad it’s your favorite one. (The same goes to Zach Lowe and co. at CelticsHub, another of the best team blogs out there.)

-And while things are relatively quiet, I’d like to take a moment to recognize what Tom Pestak has done for this website over the past few months. Links editor can be a thankless job, and Tom had to apply for it. His application blew me away, and he was already one of the site’s best commenters to boot. He’s gone ahead and exceeded my high expectations of him. His work has been timely, done on a daily basis, and excellent. With my NBC job and class, there’s no way I’d have been able to do an afternoon post. Not only has Tom filled that void, but his links have been much better than mine and as good as anybody’s. He’s done it every day, he’s done everything I’ve asked of him and more, and his enthusiasm has been much appreciated. It hasn’t been that long, but I already can’t imagine this site without him.

-While we’re at it, give props to Mark Cameron, who’s brought a statistical element to this site that didn’t exist before.

-That’s all for tonight. Until tomorrow, campers.