Links to the Present: Oct. 7th, 2013

October 7th, 2013 by Nate Smith

The Cavs resume their training camp today, after an off day, Sunday.  After all the sliding around on the Baldwin Wallace College floor, and a minor hip injury to Tyler Zeller, I’m sure they didn’t mind the day off.

In the biggest national news of late for the Cavs, Tristan Thompson and his hand switch were featured in Sports Illustrated.  A condensed version of that article is here.  Despite his “perfect” free throws from last summer, Thompson struggled from the line in the Wine and Gold scrimmage.  Let’s hope his form returns before Tuesday’s preseason match-up with Milwaukee.

No less important was Kyrie Irving’s Q&A with Spencer Lund of Dime Magazine, here.  Especially interesting was the discussion of Irving’s developing “in between” game (Kyrie only shot 37.5% from 5-9 feet, last year), and Kyrie’s heady analysis of TT’s hand switch.

Dime: It’s tough to do that mid-career [switch shooting hands] —
KI: — But we did the calculations. Every NBA game last year, was decided by 2.6 points. If Tristan goes from 58 percent to 78 percent, he gets us 1.25 points, I think.

The Beacon Journal’s Jason Lloyd offers up a profile of the Cavs’ “crusty” free agent pickup, Jarret Jack, here.  Crusty, “in that grizzled, tough veteran sort of way — not the smelly, stale form that is only cured with a bar of soap and some hot water.”

I know they didn’t pay for the advertising, but if you want to check out the Cavs’ preseason game (tomorrow), this is a pretty good deal.  Get up to six preseason tickets for the 10/8 (Milwaukee), 10/17 (Detroit), or 10/19 (Indiana) games, with a Pepsi purchase at Drug Mart.  Details, here.

Random Vine video of Kyrie Irving harmonizing, here.  (Chrome or phone, only)

Not much more to print.  We’re in “hurry up and wait,” mode when it comes to some real basketball.  While we’re waiting, give us your Cavs starting lineup for this year, their projected stats, and your favorite sandwich.