Notes and Errata: April 27th, 2010

April 26th, 2010 by John Krolik

Quick fan poll regarding potential Magic matchup: Are you more heartened by the fact the Bobcats rendered Howard completely ineffective offensively or scared by the fact the Magic got the sweep anyways?

The Hawks haven’t won on the road against a Bogut-less Bucks team. How did this team get the #3 seed?

Is there anyone — anyone out there who thinks the Magic can lose to the Hawks or Bucks in R2? If so, why?

I think the Thunder are playing better basketball than the Lakers right now. I don’t know if they’re better enough to win in LA, though. Who would’ve thought that a series with two teams shooting 40% could be this much fun to watch?

Rumors of Kobe’s demise: exaggerated. If the Lakers get past the Thunder, the Jazz don’t have enough lanky perimeter defenders to frustrate him the way Sefolosha and Durant have, and even Green to a lesser extent. They might try Kirilenko if he gets healthy, but Sloan will start Matthews or Miles on him. Plus, Kobe took Kirilenko apart last year.

On the other hand, watching Fisher vs. Deron Williams will be fun.

Kobe will bounce back. He always bounces back. Still, let’s take a moment to savor the fact that LeBron’s playoff PER is 22.66 points higher than Kobe’s right now.

I don’t know how to talk about LeBron right now. The Cavs haven’t won any games they haven’t been expected to win easily yet, and he’s going to be judged by how the rest of the playoffs shake out. Still, he’s easily the best player in the league right now. Easily. It’s him and everyone else. Seriously, look at what the other MVP candidates have done in their first-round matchups. Kobe, Howard, and Durant are all going against great defensive teams, but yeesh.

Man, I’m afraid LeBron will end up like Dirk someday. (He’s already proven himself to be better, but you know what I mean.) That is a cursed, cursed man. He makes that jumper over hill 9 out of 10 times, even in crunch situations. He’s such a money player with the game on the line, but seems to pick the exact right moments to come up short. Also, he really deserved a title against the Heat that year.

Russell Westbrook, you are the captain of the “have a league-average TS% for a full season so I can buy your hype, because I love watching you play” team.

So Jeff Green takes a lot of bad shots, he’s very versatile, he makes plays but doesn’t rack up assists, his TS% is terrible, and he defends multiple positions well without being a lock-down guy. Part of the “core” without ever really playing like an untouchable. On a team with a transcendent offensive player but still manages to be a below-average team offensively. I hate to do this — anyone else getting a “Larry Hughes on the Cavs” vibe here?

On that note, who’s sad the Cavs missed out on Stephen Jackson now? I bring this up because I’m never right about anything. Also, Jon Kuester. Sometimes there’s a method to my bitterness and skepticism.

Alright, that’s all for tonight. Good night, and good Hubie Brown.