Recap: Getting a Crab off of our backs

April 9th, 2009 by John Krolik



In what was a must-win game more so for fans of the team who don’t want to deal with Wizards fans all summer than it was for the team itself, the Cavs comfortably took care of business on their home court. The Cavs are now 4 wins from the best record in the league and two home wins for the best home record of all-time. 

Cavs-Related Bullets:

It’s really, really, really good to have Andy back. Seeing him flying off the ball and cutting for buckets that he finishes around the basket, playing passing lanes and staying in front of his man defensively, and getting into the battle on every rebound is absolute joy.

LeBron was just casually good. He made amazing passes, made several amazing forays to the rim when the defense went to sleep, and toyed around with a mid-range game with mixed results. Absolutely average performance from the MVP, which is to say a pretty impressive one. The last stroke of the masterpiece for him is the midrange game, and I think the game just might be too easy for him right now to seriously develop a B-plan the midrange game functions as; most of his shots from this range have a “hey, I wonder if I can pull this off” feel to them, which is not what you’re looking for, but it’s what you get.

Boobie showing some signs. Knocking on wood.

Ben’s back too; his box score looks a lot better than Ben himself did getting beat by Jamison time after time down the floor; I know quick 4s are the ones who give Big Ben the most trouble, but he looked like he was still getting his legs back tonight. 


Bullets of Randomness:

You know how everyone always talks about players who get “the most with the least” and usually talk about great athletes who can’t shoot or dribble? Well, in terms of the player who has the most natural basketball talent in terms of size, athleticism, shooting ability, passing, everything you can’t teach, I think the player who gets the least with the most is Blatche. He can do anything. He’s big. He’s athletic. He can shoot. He can handle. He can pass. He drained beautful jump-hooks tonight. He has every conceivable tool, and he just can’t put anything together. By the way, the player who does the most with the least is Andre Miller. This is a whole other post, but every one of his possessions has a purpose.

Speaking of talented, JaVale McGee. Wow. I know the Cavs loved this guy, and a little bird told me they would have hopped on him if he was available, so I’ll always be rooting against him a little. But wow, talk about talent. When is the last time you remember Z having a JUMPER stuffed back and another one of his shots changed? With length and hops, nobody gets higher than JaVale, right? If I was the Wizards management, I would buy into the talented but incomplete package of McGee/Blatche as my front-line of the future and pray for the best. And probably drink a lot.