Links To The Present: April 26, 2010

April 26th, 2010 by Tom Pestak

“What Del Negro probably should have said was something like: “You know, we didn’t play too bad but they have LeBron. And they have some pretty good players playing with LeBron and when those guys play this well we’re just not good enough to beat them.”” [Brian Windhorst’s Beat Blog]

“He can score on shots that are flicked from afar, not flung. On shots taken with a reasonable expectation of prowess rewarded, not prayers answered. On shots that are as pure as a driveway fantasy. On shots that hit nothing but net, over and over, and eight times over, as he said in the second game of the Cavaliers-Bulls playoff series.” [Bill Livingston on LeBron’s Range]

“James was precise and pretty close to unstoppable. He started by finding his teammates, and ended by scoring, making 11 of his 17 shots (and 9-of-10 free throws). He ended the second and third quarters with emphasis.” [Pat McManamon – Fanhouse]

“There, I said it, and it’s a relief to do so: King James eventually will succeed His Royal Airness as the best basketball player ever.” [Mike Imrem on LBJ]

LeBron with a Playoff PER just under 38! (just like last year)

“When Lebron hit that 35-footer, the crowd went silent for a second, then a whoosh of a low ‘whoa…’ moved throughout the crowd. LeBron just stood near midcourt and glared around the stadium. It was a surreal moment. I’m still stupefied by it. On Sunday afternoon, we witnessed.” [BullsbytheHorns]

LeBron Raymone James Basically Has Freaking Unlimited Range

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“Kobe has taken 1 more shot than LeBron thru 4 playoff games…and scored 44 fewer points. Obviously Kobe struggling but LBJ very efficient.” [Brian Windhorst]

“Noah: “Can’t put our heads down” (while putting head down)” [WayneEmbrysKids]

“LeBron. Just LeBron. Because I don’t know what else to say.” [langwhitaker]

“LeBron putting on a show in Chicago. I’m sitting next to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, who just said, “I think he’s heard enough about Rose.”” [Joe Gabriele]