Links To The Present: April 23, 2010

April 23rd, 2010 by Tom Pestak

“The only thing the Cavaliers need a broom for at the moment is to clean up the little mess they’ve made over the last couple of playoff games.” [Brian Windhorst]

“The Cavs’ treated Game 3 like it was a regular season game. The Bulls treated it like a playoff game. Stripping away all the details and the coaching decisions and the calls, that was the reason why the Cavs lost.” [Brian Windhorst]

Cavs fans leading the “digital revolution”?

“LeBron James
He’s a lock for this season’s MVP award, and he has been as good as ever in the playoffs. Thorpe tossed out 68 as a good number of shots for Durant to have taken, and as it happens, that’s how many James has launched. He has hit 39 of those, and has made nearly half of his 13 3-pointers. He also has 24 rebounds, 21 assists and — my favorite — nine blocks.” [Truehoop’s Nice List]

“J.J. Hickson
The young forward was found money for the Cavaliers this regular season. Apparently the Cavaliers are the kind of people who stash their cash under the mattress. ‘Cause Hickson hasn’t been seen — other than literally a few seconds here and there — since the postseason began. It’s not his fault, but it sure is a disappointment.” [Truehoops Naughty List]

“In Game 3, it took a heroically resolute effort down the stretch to preserve the last vestiges of a lead that once stood at 21 — 68-47 — midway through the third quarter.” [Chicago Sun-Times]

“It surprised me a little, but it was fun,” Rose said. “I was feeling good for the best player on their team, the best player in the NBA, to be sticking me. Why not take a shot at it? It surprised me a little but it was fun.” [Chicago Tribune]

“All in all, you had to expect the Bulls wouldn’t go down without a fight. This isn’t, and never was, going to be like last year against the Pistons. The Bulls, like we saw last season, will fight to the very end. Hopefully, Sunday will have a different finish.” [Colin Zvosec]

“But are the Cavs underachieving, the Bulls overachieving, or some of both? I’m inclined, after seeing James swoop down and then recede after one crap call, that Cleveland’s still not together the way, say, the Lakers are (I know, they lost last night, too.) There’s just still too much under construction.” [Bethlehem Shoals]

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Complete LBJ quote, not huge deal: “I’m not concerned. We know we need him to pick up his play and he knows that also.” [Brian Windhorst]

LeBron said he’d like to see what JJ Hickson more in Game 4. But Mike Brown said that his main plan with bigs is to get Shaq going. [Brian Windhorst]