Notes and Errata: April 22nd, 2010

April 22nd, 2010 by John Krolik

-Question of the day: Why is it that the Cavs play the opening to Madonna’s “Lucky Star” after Anthony Parker hits a three? Is it because Parker considers himself a “lucky star” after parlaying a superstar career in Israel into a solid NBA career and now a starting spot on a legit title contender? Is it that he’s the lone pro basketball player whose sister is better known than he is and supports her through Madonna’s message of female empowerment?

Is it that his time inĀ Israel makes him appreciative of Madonna’s conversion to Kabbalah? Is it that he considers himself an outsider, like Madonna did? Parker was the lone Cavs starter who didn’t “Z”-ify his name on Z night, and he never seems to do the gooseneck or any of the other goofy things the Cavs do. Or maybe it was that the Cavs sound crew thought the sound effect from “Lucky Star” was cool and they wanted to use it after made threes by AP. In any case, I’m curious.

-Boston are legit contenders. When Rondo’s on his game, they can play with anybody. They won’t be a cake-walk in the second round if the Cavs and Celtics end up playing each other.

-I can’t recall a team as helpless offensively as the Bobcats have been against the Magic. That team wins with defense. Do not forget this.

-I just realized the following: LOST isn’t my favorite TV show of all time. (That honor would go to Firefly/The Wire.) But it is my favorite show that I’ve ever followed in real-time. If the Cavs make a long playoff run, their most crucial games will coincide with the series finale of LOST. At this point, I’ve lost enough of my mind so that this doesn’t feel like a coincidence.

-This Laker team finds ways to win. It’s what they do. When Kobe splits a pair of key free throws, Artest comes up with the stop that saves the game. If Artest had gotten lost on the screen, I’m sure Kobe would’ve hit the game-winner. I don’t know what it is about that team, but they’re never out of a game.

-Sadly, that’s all I have for tonight. This first round is running me ragged. Game three tomorrow. Get excited.