Links To The Present: April 22, 2010

April 21st, 2010 by Tom Pestak

“If they want small-market teams to compete, you have to find another way. You have to hit the jackpot and get LeBron James. Then you have to surround him with players, and you have a $100 million payroll and you don’t make money.” [Brian Windhorst on The Cavs Revenue]

“Consider that for a moment. James has scored at least 40 points in five of his past 12 playoff games.” [Terry Pluto on LeBron’s Playoff Performances]

“I’m serious. I love Chicago. I love Cleveland. I love Akron, too.” [LeBron James – Champion of Cold Weather, Midwestern, Sports Towns]

Rare Photos of LeBron James

“This playoff series gives LeBron James, who is the premier free agent of this summer’s class, to take a good look at Rose, Noah and the Bulls. The Bulls will have enough to offer a free agent a maximum contract, but the question remains as to if LeBron will leave Cleveland. While it’s still too early to tell, for LeBron, I think he has got to be leaning towards staying home. That’s the best place for him. You look at Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, and they left their legacies where they started. LeBron hasn’t left that mark in Cleveland yet, so I don’t know he is ready to move on. He’s received some individual accolades, but from a team standpoint, he has to do a little bit more. He knows that as well as anybody at this stage in his career.” [Scottie Pippen’s Take on All Things Cavs/Bulls]

Sam Smith thought LeBron should play with Kobe – now he thinks LeBron should suit up with Rose and Noah.  He claims the Cavs’ window of opportunity is fast closing.  We’ve heard that before in Cleveland.

LeBron to Chicago a “fantasy”

Excellent Breakdown of the Cavs/Bulls Series by Play-Type

“The Cavs as a team were more in line with their usual proficiency behind the arc (actually a little better than that, 50% on the night), and it’s not surprising given how unbelievably wide open they are. There were some rotation miscues on the Bulls part, but overall I thought these were similar to the shots that the Cavs simply missed in game one.” [Blog-a-bull]

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“Scott Brooks is the Coach of the Year…well deserved….Z and Chris Jent (former teammates) are among his many admirers…” [Fred McLeod]

“After watching this: I wish someone had followed that team for MJ’s last 3 years and written a book SSOL style.” [Colin Zvosec]

“NBA Jam was dope. Played with Bron. Got him on fire early but couldn’t sustain — wasn’t used to Wii.” [LangWhitaker]