Links To The Present: April 20, 2010

April 20th, 2010 by Tom Pestak

Video of this vicious facial here:

“Let’s stop and go over that again. The Bulls took 22 more shots, scored 56 points in the paint and turned the ball over four times, a franchise record. As in none of the six championship teams ever did better. And they lost by 10 points. This goes back to the point I’ve been making for some time now: It is hard to beat the Cavs, even just once.” [Brian Windhorst’s Beat Blog]

“I think I celebrate everything that’s good,” said Moon, whose 12 points and four 3-pointers were post-season highs. “I just try to give my teammates motivation. If we make a bad play, I try to come over and say something positive, and if we make a good play I put a little extra on it to keep the motivation going.  “It’s just about keeping everybody going. I just try to make sure we’re loose and positive and ready to play.” [Mary Schmitt Boyer on Jamario Moon]

Did a little research.  The Rising Moon shone for just under 20 minutes last night.  This season, when the Moon is out for at least 19 minutes, he shoots 40% from 3 (25/63) and 53% from the field (84/158).

“How does 20-of-22 from the foul line sound from the NBA’s worst free-throw shooting team?” [Terry Pluto’s Scribbles]

Terry Pluto thinks the Cavs need to shy away from launching deep balls against the Bulls junk defenses.  If not for this series, but for the next.  And he thinks Mike Brown has no shortage of confidence leaving Shaq and Jamison on the bench in the fourth.

“Have we learned nothing from Spike Lee and Chris Bosh’s girlfriend? You don’t poke a bear with a stick. Particularly not when that bear is in the zone. Says the aforementioned, metaphorical bear — one LeBron James — about his picnic-basket-stealing, forest-fire-preventing, here-and-there-and-everywhere-bouncing, too-cold-too-hot-just-right-porridge-eating, 1986-Super-Bowl-dominating, Man-vs-Wild-surviving (I can keep going if you want) zone” [Jared Wade – Hardwood Paroxysm]

“You like it? You think Cleveland is cool?” he said, when asked if he wished to retract any of his remarks. “I’ve never heard anybody say I’m going to Cleveland on vacation. What’s good about Cleveland?” Other than cultural stuff like a world-class art museum and symphony orchestra, medical care that is the envy of the world, Little Italy, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the West Side Market, green parkland, a spectacular Great Lakes shoreline and that LeBron guy, you mean? [Bill Livingston on Noah’s Antics]

Each one seemed personal too. Because after each made jumper in front of the Bulls bench — and there were seven — James turned and glared at the Bulls reserves as he backpedaled down the court. A few words were shared, but mainly a glare.  “Every time I caught the ball over there, they were daring me to shoot the ball. Telling me I couldn’t shoot, or ‘You can’t make jump shots so take the shot.’ So that’s what I did.” – LeBron James on Chicago’s bench “They were talking the whole game,” James said. “Every time I caught the ball over there, they were daring me to shoot the ball. Telling me I couldn’t shoot, or ‘You can’t make jump shots so take the shot.’ So that’s what I did.” [Patrick McManamon on Taunting LeBron]

Tim Povtak says Dwight Howard is a legitimate MVP candidate.  Small sample sizes are never good arguments, but this box score is a microcosm of why D12 is a defensive juggernaut and not an MVP.

I really don’t know how to introduce this piece by Henry Abbott on PLAYOFF LeBRON.  Let’s just say, it’s riSICKulous, and Kobe fans everywhere are going to need oxygen masks if they find out how much better LeBron is than their beloved Mamba in the postseason.

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“Dwight Howard wins Def. Player of Year Award. LeBron 4th, Andy Varejao also got votes.” [Brian Windhorst]

“x2 RT @russbengtson: YES RT @HowardBeckNYT: I’ve sometimes wondered if ballots need to be made public, just to hold voters accountable.” [Jared Wade]

“Have to stick up for Cleveland. Good town, good folks. It ain’t NY, but that’s the point. Having said that, keep the quotes coming, Joakim.” [Ken Berger]

“Jamario Moon says that contributing tonight is the best moment of his “journey.” But it’s not the “icing on the cake.”” [Scott@WFNY]