Links To The Present: April 19, 2010

April 19th, 2010 by Tom Pestak

Brian Windhorst Podcast

I don’t endorse any of these ideas…

“The Siegel & Shuster Society, keepers of the Superman flame in Cleveland, say Cleveland’sShaquille O’Neal is the true “Superman” of the NBA, ending any debate – if there ever was one – that Orlando’s Dwight Howard legitimately wears the cape.” [Michael McIntyre]

“When things start to go a little bad, they still need to remember how they got there – by moving the ball. That’s why they have all this talent. If you’re not going to move the ball, you might as well have LeBron and four guys from the playground out there.” [Austin Carr’s Blog]

“You sense a different personality, a different approach, a different focus from him,” Antawn Jamison said. “He’s been in the situation and he knows what it takes to prepare for the game. Ever since last Sunday, he’s been a different guy. This is a guy who has done it all and he’s letting us know what we have to do to take the next step.” [Brian Windhorst on Shaq’s Mentality]

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Unsolicited after his media session ended, Kevin Garnett said: “Tell Joakim Noah to keep it in Cleveland and worry about Shaq.” [Marc Spears]

Here’s hoping that Joey Crawford meets Joakim Noah early on in this one – over/under for Techs in this one: 2.5 [Scott WFNY]

Joakim Noah “Things to do in Cleveland” suggestion #2: See The Cleveland Clinic about those broken ankles: [CavsWITNESS]