Recap: back on our swag

April 6th, 2009 by John Krolik


In what became a much-needed win on their home court, the Cavs comfortably handled the Spurs by 20 points, both helping them maintain their hold on home-court advantage and showing the importance of the home-court advantage itself. 

Cavs-Related Bullets:

We came out meaning business, and instead of being passive early, LeBron recognized that this was one where we needed to establish our presence with authority straight out of the gate, and ripped off 18 points in the first with his confidence level flying up through the roof, firing in mid-range bankers, fadeaways, post-ups, and everything else they didn’t think he was going to hit them with.

From there, the crowd at the Q was able to propel what we had going through the rest of the game; after LeBron left the game in the 2nd, Mo and Delonte got together and propelled a 12-2 run with LeBron on the bench that put us in the driver’s seat. That run doesn’t happen outside of the Q, I don’t think. 

Good news and Bad News file: Mo, Delonte, and LeBron outscored the Spurs by themselves, scoring 82 points on 55 attempts. (TS%=74.5%)

That does mean that the rest of the team scored 19 points on 27 attempts. (TS%=35%) 

While we do pay LeBron and Mo a lot of money to do stuff exactly like this, a little more balance might be nice, but we did start Darnell Jackson at the four tonight, and it’s understandable that Z might be trying to keep some in the tank at this point in the year.

And of course, if Delonte shows up like this in the playoffs, I don’t see any way we don’t cruise to the finals. Absolutely a huge sign and hopefully a game that can get his confidence up. 

I mean, what do you say about the Gibson/Kinsey situation at this point? It’s ridiculous, but we’re stuck, although I don’t understand how D-Block gets a shot and Tarence doesn’t. You know how I stand on this. 

Happiness is going back to the highlights of LeBron’s dunks tonight and realizing that Drew Gooden is standing outside the point, not rotating, on most of them. Although he was the team’s second-leading scorer tonight, so it’s not like he’s killing them.