Links to the Present: “I’m the Next AB” Edition

July 8th, 2013 by Nate Smith

UPDATED (July 9): Cavaliers extend 2 year, 24 Million dollar offer to Andrew Bynum. [Wojnarowski]

Andrew Bynum is in town for a face to face meeting with the Cavs brass.  The word is the Cavaliers are only willing to commit to a one year deal to preserve cap space for 2014.  Marc Stein of ESPN also tweets that Bynum has meetings schedule in Atlanta and Dallas later this week.

In other news, Daniel Gibson’s house is for sale.  It’s safe to assume he doesn’t think he’s coming back to Cleveland.  Inside the house?  A trophy room of which includes a random collection of Texas U player jerseys, a bejeweled basketball, and a life-sized cutout of himself.  After that, the rest of the house (for all you stalkers out there) seems pretty mundane.

Bob Finnan of the News Herald notes in his rundown on Jarrett Jack, Bynum, and all things Cavs, that Boobie could be back if he agreed to take a minimum salary contract.

Checking in with Dion, this illustration magically appeared today on his twitter feed.  It really deserves a caption contest, because frankly, I have no words.

Introducing… Anthony Bennett’s youtube channel.  Here’s the video of Bennett returning to the Jane and Finch Boys and Girls’ club in Bennet’s old neighborhood in Toronto.  It’s beyond cool — it’s inspiring.  If you click any link from this article, click this one.

I don’t know know if you’ve seen this, but here’s my current favorite Cavs commercial: some acrobatic wunderkinds dunking off trampolines on an outdoor court somewhere in Cleveland while wearing Cavs jerseys.  What’s not to love?