Links To The Present: April 14, 2010

April 14th, 2010 by Tom Pestak


Brian Windhorst’s Podcast

“It is strange to have such a polarizing figure in Cleveland. We’ve been on the other end of the spectrum for so long. It certainly is easy to lob hate grenades at the Yankees as an organization, or at Alex Rodriguez as an individual. It seems strange now that we’re in the middle of seeing these attacks on ‘our guy’. Hopefully we’ll be defending attacks on LeBron James for years and years to come. It’s a lot more fun on this side of the battle.” [Rick @ WFNY]

“It also has been impressive how he’s sold Anderson Varejao into coming off he bench, and developed J.J. Hickson. He has changed his offense to accommodate Jamison, and been able to keep the peace in the dressing room where some players believe they deserve more minutes. Through it all, the Cavs have retained their strong defensive identity. They have won more games than any other team, and done it without having James play excessive minutes.” [Terry Pluto on Mike Brown]

WHOA!  The Round Mound of Rebound surprised the heck out of me when I heard this: “A lot of guys get draft picks and have to wait until the team matures and grows. … Danny Ferry has done one of the greatest jobs in the last few years. They’ve added some really, really good pieces three or four years in a row. I take my hat off to Danny Ferry. I’ll be surprised if they do not win a championship. This guy, with smoke and mirrors, has built a serious championship contender, and I think they’re going to win it.”

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Terry (Madison)
You are writing a book? What’s it about?
David Thorpe (12:34 PM)
The effects of Global Warming on shooting percentages.

LeBron has been worth 15 more wins than Kobe according to Hollinger’s Estimated Wins Added metric.  Kinda like saying if you switched them, the Lakers would be sitting at 72-9 right now.

“Early in the season, the Hawks were all the rage. They’d owned Boston, and were going into their two game showdown with the Cavaliers. The Hawks were 21-8, the Cavs 24-8. Win both games, and the Hawks would officially announce their arrival to the top of the Eastern Conference. They lost both. In fact, take out the four wins over Boston, and the Hawks are a combined 1-6 against the Magic and Cavs.” [Colin Zvosec on the Hawks]

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Shaq said he “thinks about winning a title for City of Cleveland everyday” [Brian Windhorst]

[Paraphrased] Shaq: I would love to stay in Cleveland. I’m having one of best times of my life. [George M. Thomas]

“No LeBron, No Shaq tonight against Hawks. Everyone else likely to play. Mike Brown said he “wasn’t close” to playing Shaq.” [Brian Windhorst]

RT @vincethepolack: Signage going up outside the Q today. RT @ABJCavsInsider: Cavs going with “All Together” as a new playoff slogan. [JE Skeets]

@THE_REAL_SHAQ when will we see Mike Brown RELEASE THE SHAQKEN?? []