Links to the Present: Hurry up and Wait Edition

July 3rd, 2013 by Nate Smith

Not much news on the free agency front. According to Sam Amico, Chris Grant is being extremely tight lipped, and asking players and agents to do the same. Here’s a live chat Amico ran earlier today.  Lots of non-news there.  The general trend?  Be patient.  The Cavs aren’t going to throw money at mediocre players.

Belying that thought, free agent forward, Earl Clark, will meet with the Cavs again on Wednesday.  The interest is “mutual.”

As Bob Finnan of the News-Herald, remarks, “The Cavaliers might be trying to corner the market on power forwards.”  Hey, it helped the Rockets get James Harden last year.  It’s not the worst strategy in the world.

Power Combo forward, Anthony Bennett got the key to the city in his hometown of Brampton, Ontario, Monday. has the video of Bennett’s arrival in Cleveland and the Cavs practice facility for the first time.

The rumor du jour is that Cleveland is interested in Chauncey Billups. You know, the Chauncey Billups who posted a  15 PER last year, shot .402/.367/.938 from the field last year, and was a shell of himself in the playoffs? Regular season Chauncey would be an o.k. backup, I guess. I’ll avoid the obvious joke about the fork sticking out of his back. I’m betting he ends up in New York.

Yesterday on WKNR, Cleveland’s the Really Big Show, the Beacon Journal’s Jason Lloyd stopped by to talk about the Cavs’ discussions  with Greg Oden and Andrew Bynum.  Listen here. (Also, there’s a cool Omar Vizquel interview there, for all you Tribe fans).

Wages of Wins has a fun Cavs inspired piece about the history of teams with two No. 1 draft picks on their team.

Checking in with Dion… After a full day of running his basketball camp, Dion worked hard last night with his trainer, Chuck Ellis.   I like pics like this.  Nothin’ to do but to keep grindin’, Dion.  I’m betting on a dull holiday weekend when it comes to Cavaliers’ news.  Happy Independence Day, everyone.