Links To The Present: April 12, 2010

April 12th, 2010 by Tom Pestak

“You will see the Cavs calling timeouts and playing the so-called “steal/foul game” in the last 90 seconds of games in the preseason. I’ve sat through numerous preseason games just wishing they would run out the clock and instead watched timeouts and 3-for-2 trades and stuff. Then in a regular season against the top rival in the East the Cavs just folded the tent.” [Brian Windhorst’s Beat Blog]

”We’re not in the same situation Cleveland’s in. That’s the bottom line,” Van Gundy said. ”Cleveland literally has nothing to gain. We do. It’s going to be hard to get back to the Finals, but if you do, you want to give yourself every chance you can. To know you would have home court at that point would be a big advantage. History bears that out.” [Stan Van Gundy from Marla Ridenour’s Article on Rest vs Rust]

“If the Cavs again meet the Magic in the conference finals in five weeks or so, they likely would do so with three different starters than the Magic faced last spring.” [Brian Windhorst on The Cavs Upgrades]

Stan Van Gundy said LeBron will win the MVP every year until he retires.  Here is an example of why that is shockingly unlikely: “It’s why he just lost my vote for NBA Most Valuable Player. If he doesn’t think it’s important enough to play all 82 — or at least try — then he isn’t good enough to be the MVP.” [Tim Povtak on The New MVP Requirements]

Charley Rosen as The VOICE OF REASON!

Kevin Pelton not high on any Cavaliers for All-Defense.

“Of course, if this comes to pass, the Magic likely will have to again eliminate the Cavs. Unlike Sunday, at least they wouldn’t have to worry whether LeBron and Shaq would be playing.” [Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel]

This is refreshing: an analyst admitting poor judgement.  “Couldn’t have been more wrong here. Thought the Cavs were destined for one of the longest regular seasons ever. Turns out life is always good with LeBron … even when you’re not sure how much longer he’ll be around.” [Marc Stein’s Power Rankings]

There was a strange article written about Brian Windhorst over the weekend.  It lead to a lot of noise on twitter. Windhorst briefly “responded” to it.  Now it’s being called “tongue-in-cheek”.   John Hollinger, a good friend of Windhorst,  was not a fan.

Shaq is just a big kid. (who has lost a lot of weight)

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“RT @Wysocki11: I was at the game, my only cavs game of the year, and I’d rather see lebron sit then roll an ankle and miss a playoff game.” [Rock @ WFNY]

“Just heard the phrase “Cleveland Nation” for the first time” [WayneEmbrysKids]

“Noah has been jawing with courtside fans all night.” [OutsideTheNBA]

“Best moment of the game: Moondog dissing Dwight Howard. LOL. THAT should make ESPN.” [George M. Thomas]

“Now I understand how Vince Carter makes Dwight Howard better. VC takes bad shots and Howard rebounds the misses and dunks them.” [Brian Windhorst]