Links to the Present: I Would Do Anything for Love Edition — Updated

June 26th, 2013 by Tom Pestak

Even Tristan, Waiters, and the #1, according to Andy Katz.

That’s a steep price and a pretty huge gamble.  Kevin Love is probably a top 20 player on offense but since entering the league he’s missed 30% of his games.  I’m sure Love and Irving weren’t trying to be ironic when they choose stiff old men as their alter egos, but consider it another friendly reminder of how hard it would be to trust an Irving/Love/Varejao trio to stay healthy for a full season.

If the report is true, and Flip Saunders said no, then he is clearly not frightened by the prospect of Love leaving after his contract expires.  Minnesota is not going to receive a better package than that for Kevin Love, so it’s safe to say he’s not going to be traded unless he demands one.

Over and over, I hear the Cavs like Anthony Bennett. I hear he could be their “Dion Waiters draft-night surprise.” He played one year at UNLV at 6-8, 240 pounds. There are reports that he weighs 260 while recovering from shoulder surgery. He is a bit short for a power forward, but there are several NBA teams who are intrigued. [Terry Pluto – The Plain Dealer]

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Check out this fascinating piece by the Washington Post’s Alex Prewitt on, possible #1 pick, Alex Len and his girlfriend, 6’7″ Essence Townsend, of the Maryland Women’s Basketball team.  Compelling stuff.  This is a followup to yesterday’s profile on Len by Prewitt, which is similarly poignant.