Links To The Present: April 8, 2010

April 8th, 2010 by Tom Pestak

“Cavaliers coach Mike Brown said at today’s shootaround that there was a ”decent chance” that guard Sebastian Telfair could be activated for tonight’s game here against the Chicago Bulls.” [Mary Schmitt Boyer]

“Brown raised some eyebrows with his comments Tuesday that he looked at his team’s remaining games as “high-level practices.” Some took that to mean he considered the last four games meaningless. Of course, since the Cavs already have clinched the No. 1 overall seed and home-court advantage throughout the playoffs, the outcomes of those games are, well, meaningless.” [Mary Schmitt Boyer]

“Ever since Dan Gilbert came in, the Cavs have been a great organization committed to winning. Mike Brown and his philosophy has worked, and he’s had 50+ wins every year. The sky’s the limit for that team. My only concern for the Cavaliers this season is the chemistry when Shaq comes back. Before Shaq got hurt the Cavs were clicking on all cylinders, the chemistry was at an all-time high, and since he’s been out, they’re still obviously winning and playing well, but it’s different guys that are stepping in to play those minutes. When Shaq comes back those guys will go back to having limited roles, and [the Cavs] ability to regain that chemistry they had before he went down is a concern. But otherwise, besides that, this team has as good a chance as anybody.” [From Damon Jones! in a SLAM interview]

“To me, they look like a bunch of guys who are playing in the park, ask who’s next and run the court. ‘We’re kicking tail, we’re taking names, who’s next for a haircut and shave?’ And you spend all afternoon on the court. Anybody who has played ball will understand that analogy because it’s just a blast. They have great mojo.” [Kevin McHale on the Cavs]

”I’ll sit some guys Friday; it’s a back-to-back. A lot of it depends on who’s going to play Thursday,” Brown said. [George M. Thomas]

“Cleveland’s superb beat writer Brian Windhorst had a trademark phrase for Hughes called “all roads lead to 40 percent.” He only wishes he could shoot that well these days — he still takes the same questionable shots he did as a Cav but is converting at just 34.5 percent.  He has the worst TS% of any player with at least 800 minutes and a usage rate over 19.” [Hollinger on The NBA’s Biggest CHUCKERS]

“Noah and James had a verbal war of words during a game in early December. James and his teammates danced several times on the floor while the Cavs enjoyed a comfortable lead, but Noah said he has long since moved past the incident and doesn’t hold any grudges.” []

Stan Van Gundy is like Dwight Howard’s Mommy.  I’m waiting for him to wear a big round button with Dwight’s goofy face on it during a game.  He’s been campaigning for Howard to win the MVP, among other things, he thinks Howards is targeted by referees, and now he’s getting defensive that Howard’s composure is being brought into question.  “There isn’t a guy in this league that doesn’t seem frustrated but when it’s Dwight everybody jumps on it. From the media at least, the national media, he gets a lot of criticism. A lot more than other guys who are no better than he is. I don’t understand it but he’s the whipping boy of the national media.”  [Tania Ganguli – Orlando Sentinal] That’s what happens when you get 15 technical fouls, Stan.

“I looked at my calculator watch yesterday and learned that the playoffs are right around the corner. And to think, I was just checking to see how many days I had to wait till LeBron James signs with the Knicks.” [Bethlehem Shoals Lamenting the Backwards Nature of this Years NBA Coverage]

“Does the team need to risk anything, especially with Andrew Bogut and Chris Bosh’ injuries submarining Milwaukee and Toronto’s seasons, just to appease the media and a possible mini-controversy that will be forgotten by the middle of the first round?” [Kelly Dwyer on Resting LeBron]

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“I know my dogs are spoiled, but just saw a Bichon Frise in a COVERED baby stroller on Mich Ave…He stared at me, with a look like:”what?”” [Fred McLeod]

“I love how WTAM drops the Cavs broadcast for the Indians. How 1995 of them. Joe Tait on WMMS tonight.” [realcavsfans]

“Aw man just boarded this plane and it stinks in here. Smells like bad eggs mixed with fart. Not a good mix” [Kelenna Azubuike]

“Warriors PR personally called me today to pitch Stephen Curry as ROY. That’s a 1st in my 7 yrs on beat. And Curry is making choice hard.” [Brian Windhorst]