Links To The Present: April 3, 2010

April 3rd, 2010 by Tom Pestak

“That is because they seem to know how to conduct themselves during winning time, and they have been showing it for two years. The defense stretched and raised its intensity and the Hawks, like many teams in their position this season, just couldn’t deal.” [Brian Windhorst’s Game Recap]

“Hickson’s season arc has been the most impressive of anyone on the roster. His growth since last season is one thing. His growth since November is another. But his growth during these last five weeks without Shaq has been the most remarkable. He still makes mistakes and that tests the coach but he’s making way more plays than errors these days and the gap is only widening.” [Brian Windhorst’s Beat Blog]

Danny Green is the Cavs’ Union Representative.  Really?

“The fans in Cleveland, though, saw James soar from the foul line for a tomahawk slam in the fourth quarter. That levitation-like slam followed a steal and preceded James swatting a shot so far from the rim it almost hit announcer Hubie Brown at half-court. Goal-tending was called, but the message was still sent …The Cavs are in a very good place as the playoffs approach.” [Pat McManamon on the Cavs Playoff Prospects]

John (Seattle): Adande, you must be the most confused guy in all the world. How does winning a championship make it MORE likely Lebron will leave Cleveland? How many players reach the absolute apex of their sport (mvp, championship, finals mvp) and then bolt for a vastly inferior (26 win) team that plays no defense and has no one with playoff experience? I think at the heart of this is just plain ‘ole condescension: “Cleveland doesn’t deserve or isn’t capable of earning more than one championship; dynasties must take place in markets that are worthy of them like NY or Chicago.” Feel free to justify yourself
J.A. Adande: If LeBron wins a championship this year he doesn’t owe Cleveland anything. (NOt that he does now, actually. He’s his own man). I just feel it would be easier for him to justify leaving if he said, I got you guys a championship. He would have delivered the city its first major championship since the 60s. For anyone to demand more of him would be selfish and greedy. Stop with the small-town paranoia. It’s about where LeBron wants to be, not what city deserves it. Did San Antonio “deserve” its success last decade more than NY? Not based on census counts, but surely based on basketball operations by the Spurs

Tweets To The Present:

“Antawn Jamison played in his 16th Cavs win since being traded. With Washington this year, he was a part of just 15 wins.” [Colin Zvosec]

“Cavs shoot 75% from behind the line? It truly is an Easter Miracle.” [realcavsfans]


“So…. Joe Johnson is going to save the Knicks?” [WayneEmbrysKids]

“Leon Powe draws more fouls than any undersized PF with bad kness who can’t jump should.” [CavsWITNESS]