Links to the Present: May 9th, 2013

May 9th, 2013 by Colin McGowan

Breaking conjecture: Chad Ford—in his pre-lottery mock draft that, while interesting, is the hypotheticalest article because we have no idea where the Cavs will be selecting come June—has the Cavs taking Otto Porter with the third pick. We’re probably going to be beating each other over the head with chairs by the time the draft rolls around while debating the merits of Porter, Victor Oladipo, Alex Len, et al., so I advise that, for your mental health, you not worry too much about what the mocks say until at least after the lottery. Otto Porter, though, huh? He has very long arms, a great motor, and intangibles so strong they threaten to become actual things. I give it an A-minus. (I have almost no idea what I’m talking about.)

Oh, and Kyrie Irving is going to hold some coaching clinics in his native Australia this summer. No word yet on whether or not, during downtime, he plans to shoot a commercial in which he dribbles through a pack of dingos, crosses up a koala, then finds a kangaroo—which basically has the same catching and leaping ability as Tristan Thompson—for the slam, but that would be super cool. (Get at me Nike’s marketing department! I have tons of great ideas!) Maybe the kangaroo could wear a Thompson jersey? (See what I mean?)