Links to the Present: Early, off-season trade rumors

April 26th, 2013 by Kevin Hetrick

So what are we talking here? Tyler Zeller and the Lakers pick? It's a deal.

I don’t have anything particular to say about these recent rumors, and don’t want to write a thousand words about it anyways.

One is an unflattering take on Cleveland’s fantasy to obtain LaMarcus Aldridge. To summarize, the theme is that the Cavs are doomed.

And Chris Broussard at ESPN says Cleveland is eyeing Kevin Love and Aldridge, due to the franchise’s poorly kept secret that they want to lure LBJ back in 2014 (insider content).   Ummmm…that’s a lot to chew on, too.

Barring details of what comprises these imaginary mega-deals, I’d rather think about the draft.  Kevin Pelton thinks that Otto Porter is worth 3+ WARP next year; slightly less than expected from Love or Aldridge, but it is a reality that I can comprehend.

Sorry about the limited opinion here.  Next week, I promise some draft related content.  Hopefully twice.

Commenters, make sense of it all.