Links to the Present: April 16, 2013

April 16th, 2013 by Tom Pestak

According to reports, Byron Scott will be fired. WFNY has the roundup.

“Scott did give the media pause after the final home game Monday night when he said, “I am going to be back to coach ’em next year.” Asked if he’d been told that, Scott said, “I’ve got a year left on my contract, that’s how I figure it. Unless I’m told differently, that’s the way I approach it.”” [Marla Ridenour – ABJ]

“But has such success as Irving has already experienced changed him? Irving treated the All-Star Game, which he reached in his second season this year, as if it were a basketball beatification ceremony.” [Bill Livingston – PD]

“Moving from left to right on the floor, a 19 point fourth quarter which began with an explosive 3 straight connections in the first 2 and a half minutes of the quarter and culminated with a backbreaking shot from the far parallel line which ended the run of success by the Pistons clinched the greatest moment in the history of the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise.” [Cleveland Jackson – Stepien Rules]

“I want to personally apologize to all the Cavs fans for my actions yesterday, it was truly unfair to you guys” [Kyrie Irving Tweet]

“It came on “Fan Appreciation Night,” when Cavs fans do what they always do.  They packed the building and went crazy in support of the home team — then left disappointed.” [Sam Amico – FoxSports]

“More disturbing is young All-Star Kyrie Irving, who has played with a late-season malaise that’s reminded everyone that despite his immense talent, he is still very much a 21-year-old. He admitted earlier this season he sometimes doesn’t give his all in games, and that seems to have been an issue lately as well.” [Brian Windhorst – ESPN]