Byron isn’t Sorry

March 29th, 2013 by John Krolik

That's a familiar pose.

While searching for a Byron Scott-as-coach image to post with this link, I noticed that every single picture looked the same. Stalwart, stoic Byron, standing with his arms firmly folded across his chest. Every Cavaliers fan has that image burned into their head by now, indelible. Throughout it all, close losses and huge defeats alike, Byron has maintained his serious face, and folded his serious arms. This reflects, unfortunately, his apparent attitude towards coaching. Unchanging, unwilling. Against the Celtics, Tyler Zeller was kicking ass through three quarters. 11 points, 9 rebounds. Coach Scott promptly benched him for the entire fourth. While the Celtics made their late charge to win the game, the Cavaliers had three timeouts left. The Cavaliers ended the game with three timeouts. Check out this Jodie Valade article about Scott’s thoughts on the game. Do you feel comfortable going forward with Byron Scott as coach of the future?