L2tP, LeTalk Edition

March 20th, 2013 by Nate Smith

Sorry, King, Chris Quinn trumped you today.

Well, on the eve of another return to Cleveland for the Miami Heat’s #6, our old friend Brian Windhorst has published a rather long piece on the next decision.  It’s rife with speculation on the options and thought processes of a certain former Cleveland Cavalier.  So people might be talking about that for the next couple days or so.

As a followup, Fox Sports Florida looks back on LeSeis’s rise in Cleveland, and recaps the heady days of 2003-2004, when Paul Silas led the Cavaliers.  They even go back to Ira’s Newblehood for a look into the future…

Newble was James’ teammate for 4 ½ seasons, the longest anybody ever has played with James in the NBA with the exception of Ilgauskas and current Cavaliers forward Anderson Varejao.. He also sees a chance James could go back to Cleveland.

“Maybe,” Newble said. “It’s 50-50. If he’s in Miami and they’re winning championships, it would be hard to leave. But that being said, it is your hometown. He enjoyed being there. He liked the organization. There’s no doubt in my mind that if he ever returned, the fans would accept him.”

Meanwhile, the Cavs have signed 29 year old, five season NBA vet, Chris Quinn from the Tulsa 66ers of the D-League to fill in for all the injured guards on the Cavaliers’ roster.  Cavs.com breaks the news, here, and The Plain Dealer’s Mary Schmitt Boyer profiles Quinn here.

The Plain Dealer’s Branson Wright has a fun video interview with Wayne Ellington at Dylan’s Barber Salon at 1370 West 9th Street in Cleveland.  Topics include North Carolina’s run, his secret favorite NBA player, and Philly cheesesteaks.

In one of a million LeStreak and LeReturn related articles on Cleveland.com, Jodie Valade wonders, If David beat Goliath, why can’t the Cleveland Cavaliers halt the Miami Heat’s 23-game winning streak?

Indeed, Jodie.  Indeed.