Links To The Present: March 22, 2010

March 22nd, 2010 by Tom Pestak

“With a clear lane to the basket, Powe pushed off his recovering left knee to take a step and then slammed down his first competitive dunk in nearly a year.” [Brian Windhorst]

“‘He adds an intimidation factor to our team which really helps us. . . . He’s very comfortable out there in getting to the free-throw line, and that’s a good trait to have.”  [George M. Thomas’ Game Recap]

“During the first quarter while his teammates were out playing the Pistons, Shaquille O’Neal was in the weight room at The Q working out and doing some light rehab with his thumb, which is out of a cast and now in a small splint.” [Brian Windhorst’s Beat Blog]

“The Nike Zoom LeBron VII, the most recent version of James’ signature shoe, has been successful and is being worn by numerous college players as well as an increasing number of NBA players.” [Brian Windhorst on LeBron’s Shoe Deal Plans]

“But the Celtics knew better than anyone (except perhaps the Lakers, who Powe killed in the 2008 Finals) what Leon could do on the court, and the fiber he’s made of, and that he would come back from this stumble better than ever. The Celtics should have known.” [Tom Ziller is a Leon Powe Fan]

[Trey Kerby echoing logic – Cavs’ fans greatest ally] “The good thing for Cavalier fans is that all of this money makin’ is taking place in Ohio. It’s almost like LeBron doesn’t have to be in New York to be a global icon. Call me crazy, but I think marketers have found a way to reach people outside of major metropolitan areas. This basketball in Cleveland thing just might be profitable for LeBron James.”

“Of course, the Cleveland Cavaliers have tried to incorporate Shaquille O’Neal, lost him to injury, been with and without Mo Williams and Delonte West, traded Zydrunas Ilgauskas and waited for him to clear a 30-day moratorium to re-sign him — and still maintained the best record in the league.” [J.A. Adande with some perspective on adversity]

“Big Z comes back soon. Leon Powe has started to contribute. And Shaq is apparently in OK shape while his thumb heals. The Cavs, folks, are heading to the playoffs with more momentum than last season’s Cavs had.” [Marc Stein’s Power Rankings]

Charley Rosen answering an email on his LeBron HS Scouting Report

LeBron misses Big Z

Fun Tweets:

“raining in cleveland today. great day off. i might not get out of bed.” [Mo Williams]

“Leon Powe officially has a nickname: The Six Million Dollar Man. They can rebuild him. He has 12 points, five rebounds.” [George M. Thomas]