Recap: Ultra-Quick Thoughts

March 23rd, 2009 by John Krolik

Sorry Guys, but full disclosure is that I missed the second half last night because I was flying back to school. I’ll open up a thread here so that you guys can get your thoughts in, but all I have are a couple of quick hits:

-Andy’s off-ball movement: amazing. If JJ wants back in the rotation, he should look at what Andy’s doing. When you move with LeBron, good things happen. It took us a half-decade to figure that out.

-Yep, Mo’s shot was off this game. This every-other game thing is weird.

-My favorite Boobie game of the year, even though he went scoreless: the passing lightbulb seems to have gone off, and with defenses still closing out on him and him knowing to drop it down low under the trap instead of force it, he’s making a huge impact. 

-I’d have liked to see LeBron do a little more, actually-he had the lane anytime he wanted it, and it really did look like he was trying to give himself challenges instead of putting away what could have been a trap game early. I realize I’m bitching at this point. He’s that good.

-Congratulations to Z on setting the blocks record.