Recap: Business-Like on a weekend

March 21st, 2009 by John Krolik


Overview: In a refereshing blowout not really reflected by the final score, the Cavs easily held their home-court against the red-hot Hawks, controlling the game defensively and cruising to a win behind 20-point efforts from James and Williams.

Cavs-Related Bullets:

Embrace the boring. We got back to our defensive fundamentals tonight, and the strangling defense allowed us to not really break a sweat in crusing to a victory. 

LeBron never quite had to turn it on the whole way, spending a lot of time testing out his deep jumper (3-7 on his “midrange” shots from 20+, 1-4 from deep), and not really forcing anything on his way to a wholly unremarkable 21 on 22 attempts with 7 boards and 5 assists. (His 3 steals go to show how LeBron likes to put in effort in other places when he’s not aiming to take over the game offensively.)

Mo continued his every-other-game shooting touch, pouring in an easy 24 on only 16 attempts, including going 3-4 from deep. 

Andy seemed a little gassed, with only 3 field goal attempts and no offensive boards, but Joe was there to pick up the slack, going 4-5 from the floor and putting a spin move for a layup down that recalled his Golden State days. 

Delonte’s shot continues to be an issue, but he provided a lot of energy and ball movement and finally hit a three in the fourth quarter. 

Big Z got his 10,o00 points with balance, hitting 3 deep jumpers and 3 from the paint. Congrats to the big guy. 

…Cautious Optimism about Boobie…

Okay, props to Darnell Jackson, leading the team in offensive boards and posting a very nice 4/8/1 in 17 minutes.


Bullets of Randomness:

3-time All-Star Joe Johnson: Impressive tonight.

If you know of another player more likely to score 10 points in a minute in garbage time than Flip Murray, I’d love to hear it. I miss that guy. I really do.