Rising Stars…

February 16th, 2013 by Nate Smith

Four Cavaliers in the rising stars game tonight, a game which features even less defense than an actual all star game. TT, Kyrie, and Waiters all acquited themselves well. Team Chuck with only TT representing the Cavs, beat Team Shack (whatever that means) 163-135. Kyrie led team Shaq with 32 points and 6 dimes, mostly off of dribbling to the basket at will, and countering that with feathery step back jumpers.

Tristan Thompson had a double double of 20 and 10, and was endemic of team Chuck’s plethora of quality big men. The 54 to 21 rebounding advantage might have had something to do with the final score.

Dion Waiters had a nice game with 23 points on 11 of 12 shooting, including a lob dunk off the glass where his head was at the rim. Towards the end a dunk contest broke out, and Dion had a wicked between the legs slam, followed by a pretty lame lob to himself.

Tyler Zeller pretty much deferred during his 16 minutes, and just collected 4 points and 4 boards.

All star games are by their nature an absurdist abstraction of basketball. Tonight’s was no exception, except no one told Kenneth Faried that he wasn’t supposed to be trying that hard. He was all over the court with rebounds and dunks, even hustling at the end of the game when team Chuck was up over 20. Many of those points were fed by sweet no look one handed passes by Ricky Rubio. His actual trying earned him MVP honors.

Towards the end a crossover contest developed between Brandon Knight and Kyrie Irving, and as can be evidenced from the video above. Kyrie won that contest with an absolute ankle breaker that made Knight end up on his face, and brought some excitement to a game that had gotten pretty ho-hum.

For three of four Cavs to play great in the game was awesome, and Kyrie and Dion probably had the top two plays of the game. Exciting stuff. Kyrie was -22 for the game though. What kind of schmuck looks at +/- in an all star game? This kind of Schmuck.