Preview: Cavaliers at Pistons, March 16th

March 16th, 2010 by John Krolik

Relevant Statistics:

Pace: Cavs 93.3 (25th) vs. Pistons 91.3 (29th)

Offensive Efficiency: Cavs 109.1 (3rd) vs. Pistons 101.3 (24th)

Defensive Efficiency: Cavs 101.0 (7th) vs. Pistons 107.4 (24th)


There shouldn’t be a problem here for the Cavs. Last time the Pistons got off to a hot start, but it was more due to them making all their long jumpers than it was about them outplaying the Cavs. However, the Cavs could have problems if they get off to another bad start against this team on the road.

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