Could the Cavs Sign Greg Oden?

January 29th, 2013 by John Krolik

Is Greg Oden a lost cause?

Greg Oden is attempting to make an NBA comeback, and the Cavaliers and the Heat are the front-runners to land him. The HEAT can offer playoff contention, while the Cavs can offer a whole lot more money. I’m all for this signing, assuming that his interviews go well and that this theoretical contract is mostly non-guaranteed. Oden is an immensely talented two-way force, and has shown that he can be impactful on the NBA level when healthy.

There should be no concern about his skills: check these highlights. As for those that claim he is a massive risk, well, you’re probably right. Mark Titus wrote a fantastic article last year about Oden’s career and his struggles adjusting to the NBA lifestyle. And there is the fact that if he is signed, he will be the first sports player ever to come back from three micro-fracture surgeries. What do you guys think?