Not a Recap: Cavs 113, Milwaukee 108

January 26th, 2013 by Kevin Hetrick

Nate will offer something more substantive later today, but in the event anyone is up early on a Saturday, and has thoughts on the game, put ’em here.

The first thirty minutes went poorly, with defensive breakdowns and unconscious Milwaukee shooting allowing the Bucks to pile-up 82 points with five minutes still to go in the third.  Cleveland trailed by twenty, until Kyrie and Tristan scored 16 in the final four minutes to draw it close.

The new super-second-string secured the win in the fourth.  New addition Speights netted 8 points in the quarter, and fellow arrival Wayne Ellington drilled a three.  Livingston, Gibson and Walton also got in on the action and that group of five mounted a 21 to 8 run to give Cleveland the lead.  Kyrie sealed the deal with six points in the final thirty-five seconds, and all of Cleveland is joyous.

Kyrie finished with 35 points on 83% true shooting.  Tristan posted 18 & 6 with three blocks.  Dion added 16 points and 4 assists on 60% TS, and Livingston and Speights offered 12 and 10 points, respectively, from the bench.  The most interesting man alive, Luke Walton, again tallied seven assists & five boards, and finished an awesome putback.  He almost dunked…honest to goodness.

Look for Nate’s recap later.