Preview: Knicks at Cavaliers, March 1st

March 1st, 2010 by John Krolik

Relevant Statistics:

Pace: Cavs 93.2 (25th) vs. Knicks 96.1 (7th)

Offensive Efficiency: Cavs 109.1 (2nd) vs. Knicks 103.9 (15th)

Defensive Efficiency: Cavs 101.4 (7th) vs. Knicks 107.4 (25th)


-Quickly: LeBron is the Player of The Month. Again. Up to six in a row. Also, Boobie out for “personal reasons.”

-Another game where going small won’t be the worst thing in the world for the Cavaliers. The Cavs should be able to beat the Knicks at their own game in this one, especially if LeBron does what he usually does against the Knicks.

-I really like Sergio Rodriguez. He’s not a starter on any team, but he can hurt the Cavs if Mo Williams doesn’t play some defense.

-T-Mac’s going to take a lot of bad shots. He’s capable of hitting some of them. AP should be able to keep him from doing any real damage with his scoring. Watch out for his passing, though.

-Key matchup could be David Lee vs. whoever’s guarding him. He’s fairly strong and fairly quick, but not overwhelming in either area. Where he’ll hurt you is when he gets into the paint and can use either hand.

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