Kyrie Irving: NEXT

December 26th, 2012 by John Krolik

Raise your hand if you're glad we didn't pick Derrick Williams.

ESPN The Magazine has selected Kyrie Irving to be on the cover of this year’s upcoming NEXT issue. The issue seeks to pick out players who are on the cusp of becoming the faces of their sport. Past winners of the honor include Cam Newton, Kevin Durant, Buster Posey, and Matt Ryan, among others.

A few glowing articles accompanied the selection. Pablo S. Torre wrote about Kyrie’s life and rookie season, and general demeanor. He also has a few lines about the Lebron comparisons inherent in being a young star on the Cavs. Quoting a former Cavs employee:  “But confidence is the biggest difference. LeBron always seemed worried about what would be said when he failed. Kyrie’s more like, I’m just going to score on those motherf–.”

For those with ESPN Insider, an accompanying article explained why Kyrie Irving will be the best point guard in the NBA by 2015. Beware: it’s very sabermetric-y.