Not a Recap: Cavs 94, Milwaukee 82

December 22nd, 2012 by Kevin Hetrick

In honor of Andy, Tristan went for exactly 14 & 14 tonight.

There we go.  One win down, nineteen to go.

The youngsters played great tonight and drove the victory.  Tristan nets back-to-back team MVP honors, tallying 14 points, 14 rebounds and a ridiculous +25.

Dion and Kyrie combined for 33 points on 55% true shooting, with 10 rebounds.  The defense allowed only one Buck into double digits; Monta Ellis was unstoppable though, scoring 37.

And, it’s over.  29 games in 54 days.  Now the team receives a well-deserved three day Holiday break, with only three more games this calendar year.  Hopefully everyone travels safe and spends quality time with their families.

Recap in the morning.