Off-Day Notes And Errata: Monday Edition!

March 9th, 2009 by John Krolik


-On the Heat game: sorry for not getting a recap up, I’ve been more or less out of comission all weekend. 

-Basically, Mo Williams was the difference between winning and losing-I didn’t see him being this reliable in the clutch in my wildest dreams. Thank god we pulled that one off. 

-Holy God, Dwyane Wade does not stop. As I write this, he’s sitting on on 42 points on 25 attempts with 8 assists and a game-tying three. If he doesn’t come off this pace, this season is better than LeBron was last year. This is scary.

-I’m loving seeing Joe Smith as the roll man on picks with LeBron. Loving it.

-I’m excited for LeBron to break out of his relative offensive funk this weekend tomorrow against the Clippers, mainly because I’ll be there. I’m ready to see something special. 

-Big news of the weekend was Thursday-night midnight showing of Watchmen on IMAX. If you can see it with a good amount of people on the big screen, do it. It’s impressive stuff. It’s not the book, but it’s good in its own way. As for the movie’s strengths, it is what we thought it would be. Snyder’s great when he’s on-book, but every time he can insert a flashy spot or (Jesus) a muscial cue, it’s cringe-inducing. And yes, Malin Ackerman is that bad. I actually thought Crudup’s Dr. Manhattan was just as good as Haley’s Rorsach, and both of them were amazing. Read the book, see the movie.