Links To The Present: February 25, 2010

February 25th, 2010 by Tom Pestak

1. Rick from WFNY exploring Z’s options: This means that after the 48 hour window is over Zydrunas would be free to sign a deal with any team he chooses.

Possible destinations include Cleveland, Cleveland, Cleveland, Cleveland, and Cleveland, says John Hollinger in his SportsNation Chat.

George Thomas reporting via twitter: Zydrunas Ilgauskas won’t know his plans until after the weekend, agent says.

2. D-Green and D-Block heading to the Erie D-League squad.

Windy tweeted his thoughts: Sending players to DLeague does not clear roster spots. But the Cavs are obviously evaluating both. One may go if Z returns.

3. Mary Schmitt Boyer on the Cavs trying to find a rhythmAsked if he was holding auditions for certain roles, Brown smiled and said, “Not really. It’s more of a feeling-out process for me, and also for the team, too, to see how comfortable guys are playing with certain guys.

4. From ESPN Boston: Rivers went so far as to suggest newcomer Marcus Landry could get some time guarding James (a challenge the rookie forward said Wednesday he’d covet).

5. Gene Wojciechowski’s got big plans for #23: LeBron could leave $30 million on the table if he ditches the Cavs.  I’d ditch them. If you’re really serious about creating a brand and a basketball legacy, do something that’s never been done before. Don’t max out; min out.

6. Pat McManamon writing for FanHouse on Antawn Jamison’s improved situation: The difference between the two situations? “Unbelievable,” he said.

7. From
Boobie Gibson’s eFG% in “clutch situations” = .667
Mo Williams’ eFG% in “clutch situations” = .357

8. Larry Hughes to Charlotte?   That could have some first round implications for the Cavs.