Refs Not Seeing Dion?

November 25th, 2012 by John Krolik

Dion Waiters hasn’t been getting many calls this year, or so he thinks. The rookie believes that the referees have missed some calls when he feels there was a foul, the Plain Dealer reports. Byron Scott isn’t necessarily supportive of his rookie’s whining, though. He said, actually, “I take that with a grain of salt.” Now, there have been several no-calls on shot attempts by Dion, or so it seems. But while one always wants a coach to stand up for his players, there’s inherent wisdom in Byron Scott not fully agreeing with Waiters. He’s a rookie, and the NBA is a meritocracy. You start to get calls when you start to achieve. Whether or not that’s a fair system, that’s how it is, and Dion should get used to it, and not allow it to affect his game. If anyone is interested, his statistics, including free throws per game, are here: