Cavs Get Jamison and Telfair

February 17th, 2010 by John Krolik


Windhorst has the report, initially from the Washington Post. Apparently it’s a three-team deal. The Cavs are getting Jamison, the Wizards get Z’s expiring contract and a first-rounder from the Cavs. The Clippers are the third team involved, and will be sending Sebastian Telfair over to the Cavs as a part of the deal.

Much more analysis on this deal is coming. Obviously, Jamison is somewhat of a consolation prize compared to Stoudemire in the eyes of some. Steve Kerr and Danny Ferry are close. I assume that if Ferry gave up, the Suns had made it fairly clear that they weren’t going to deal. Waiting on some information regarding that, however. The Cavs didn’t give up Hickson, and if they do get Z back they gave up almost nothing of significant value. In both front-office and basketball terms, this was a lower-risk move for the Cavs, albeit one with a lower ceiling.

This move puts a ton of additional pressure on this postseason. The Cavs got the upgrade they were looking for without touching any of their major assets. Now all they have to do is win.