Trade Talks reaching “climax”

February 17th, 2010 by John Krolik

According to Windhorst, it may be decision time for the Suns very shortly. Amare’s agent believes that tonight’s game in Dallas will be Stoudemire’s last with the team. Generally, it’s rare for a trade that seems imminent for this long to actually happen. Phoenix is waiting on an 11th-hour savior to come in and offer them some cap relief plus talent somewhat on Stoudemire’s level. As of yet, they haven’t gotten that. And time is running out.

The Suns are the ones controlling the trade deadline right now. When they say no, it looks like the Cavs move on Jamison. The Suns could put the Cavs in a bind by waiting right up until the deadline to say no, but this is where Steve Kerr’s friendship with Danny Ferry could come into play. Less than 24 hours until the deadline, folks. Get ready.